Maximise the Impact of Business Expos with Social Media

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Business Expos are a great way to meet new people, build your reputation and grow your business. Don't forget to make the most of it on social media to reach an even bigger audience and keep in touch.


Before the Event

Create Buzz

Let people know you're going to be there and what to look out for. You can shout out other exhibitors or speakers to encourage people to attend and build bridges.


Use Event Hashtags

Find out the hashtag for the event – make sure it's the latest one for annual or repeating events. Make sure to include the hashtag so people can find you. It also makes it more likely that others will use the hashtag, which helps you all promote it.


Connect with Other Exhibitors or Attendees

Find out who is going to be there and connect now. Make sure people know where you will be, how to find you and whether they can book 1:1s with you. Find out key people you'd like to find when you're there.



During the Event


Live Updates

Show people things like setting up your stall, live tweet handy tips from speakers, show selfies with people you have met... You can use Stories to highlight anything interesting on top of a post or two to commemorate the day.


Promote your Promotions

Are you running an event specific promotion? Let people know how to enter and why it's worth finding you. Create some FOMO and let people know more.


Networking through LinkedIn

Connect up with people as you go along. Take advantage of the positivity of an event and the ability to meet loads of interesting people. You may want to have your LinkedIn QR code printed out (or equivalent for your preferred platform) so people can scan and connect really easily.



After the Event

Share Event Highlights

Shout out wonderful people you've met, great speakers or something unique. This helps to grow great events and allows another opportunity to highlight fab businesses.


Follow-Up with New Connections

Make sure you connect with people you've exchanged business cards with. Do it sooner rather than later as people may forget who you are (and if you don't pay for LinkedIn you don't get many messages for reminders).


Ask for Testimonials or give Reviews

Were you a speaker? Were you inspired by someone else? Did you buy a great product or pick up a fun freebie? Let people know and ask for feedback if people benefited from what you did.


Expos are a great opportunity so make sure you maximise your reach online and make use of those new connections before, during and after the event.


With thanks to Amelia Murfitt from Business Bees - possibly the most organised woman in the world - and Claire Napper from Sparkles Gift Boutique for the photos.