How To Find Inspiration and Ideas

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You know what it's like. You've had a busy week and there are just so many things to do that you've put aside that one thing you really should be doing. And the longer you leave it, the harder it is to start...


Yeah, we've all been there. So how can you get your groove back when you just can't get going?


How-To-Get-Your-Groove-Back-When-You-Need-Inspiration 2

Set a time to start


This doesn't mean put it off until tomorrow, unless that really is a sensible time to start. If you're a morning person, have an early slot while you're energetic. If you're not, plan in some time when you are at your best. Give yourself a start time and just go for it.

If you should be writing, just start writing. Maybe start with a list that could become an article or some areas to research. If you're supposed to be making, get out your tools and get going. Start on a quick project and see which ideas come to mind. Keep this up for at least twenty minutes and you should be able to continue. But if that doesn't work...


Get some inspiration


There's nothing wrong with doing some research. So read something you enjoy, go to a site you like or search for tutorials. Make sure you take some notes or Pin things that interest you so you have something to show for your time and some starting points. Set a time limit on this if you're likely to use it as procrastination – Pomodoro timers are great for this.

If you need an extra boost, think back to why you started this. Is there someone who gives you huge amounts of enthusiasm, a song that gives you energy or do you need to go for a walk in nature? It's never wasted time if it gets you back into it.


Jot down some ideas


Can you write down five possible ideas straight away? Don't worry about plausibility yet, just get thinking. If you find the ideas keep coming, then get them all down. These may be ideas for a later time. Some of them may not be useful right now, but they're a start. Keep these ideas, even if they're scribbled on the back of an envelope in eyeliner. You never know when one of them may be useful.

Then take the idea that seems most useful and start working on it. You have some plan Bs if you really need them, but start focussing on the one that is most interesting.

Give yourself a confidence boost


Look back at any reviews or feedback you've been given. Look at past work you were proud of. I have a Wall of Loveliness with some testimonials I've been given over the years which really help on those imposter syndrome days. You clearly can do it, because you have.

If this still doesn't work, find a friend who'll talk some sense into you / give you a hug / buy you a drink as appropriate. You may need a recharge to get going.


Challenge / accountability


Find someone else who does what you do, and challenge each other to write for an hour, make a bracelet, finish a blog plan or whatever else makes sense. It's much easier to get started if you know someone else is doing it too.


Find a relevant podcast / webinar / video


If you really are stuck, and it happens, when find something on LinkedIn Learning, YouTube or a relevant podcast. The advantage here is that they are a fixed length so you can get going afterwards. It also will take a certain amount of your attention so you can be focused on where you want to be, and not whatever else is going on in the outside world.


And after you've done these, make sure you get going!


Do you have any more suggestions? What works for you? Please leave a comment with any good ideas.