Customs Gallery

Customs Gallery

This is a selection of jewellery I have made for custom orders. Feel free to browse to see my style and the kind of things I love to make. I hope it gives you some ideas. 

Wedding Necklace

This was made for a lovely bride who wanted to use an opal she already had as a pendant. The opal is cabochon set with a quirky, assymetrical back to reflect the irregular and natural shape of the stone. 

silver opal pendant
silver cuff

Armour Cuff

This cuff was made to reflect a Dungeons and Dragons character. The customer wanted something feminine but strong to reflect her character (an Aasimar fighter and healer). This is made of three curved pieces of silver with patterning. they are connected with wide links and a corset laced back. 

Magic Wand

This is a magic wand for a Pathfinder character. The main criteria were that it should have shadows and patterns, as well as a peridot set at either end. The irregular swirls reflected the character's natural and slightly haphazard approach, with the shadows provided by oxidisation. 

silve magic wand pendant